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Theaters’ Christmas Gift

Set of Thank You notes that my 6 year-old gave to his teachers this Christmas. I hope they enjoed it! Illustration made with Lucas’ drawings: Drawings by Lucas that I used to create the illustration:  

Prestridge’s Christmas Card.

Illustration made with Blakely’s drawing: Blakely Drawing:

Victoria’s Set of Notecards

…and here is the set of notecards made with Victoria’s drawing. She will give them to her teachers as Christmas gift! We made a set of 8 notecards mixed-and-matched like this: 2 Thank You notes, 2 Thinking of You notecards, 2 Happy Birthday notecards and 2 blank notecards. I believed we covered almost all social {Read More…}

Camille’s Notecards

Set of notecards I did with Camille’s drawing. The set has 8 cards – 2 “Thank You notes”, 2 “Thinking of You”, 2 Happy Birthday” and 2 blank inside. I just love her flowers!!