Little Train Party – Alex Second Birthday

My Little Artists Studio is all about the celebration of a child’s drawing! With this in mind, why not incorporate this wonderful concept into a birthday party theme? A couple of months ago, I asked my 6 year-old Lucas and my 4 year-old Victoria to do a little charrette (ha!) about our  baby Alex’s second birthday party.  We had a little brainstorm about themes, and decided that, since Alex loves to play with trains, a train party would be perfect!

So they started drawing…and I designed the Little Train Party using Lucas’s train drawing. Isn’t that cool? This party was a labor of love and a lot of creativity combined together. Here is a picture of the desert table:

Desert Table:

Cake and Cupcakes: 

We had vanilla cake with caramel filling and  buttermilk icing. To decorate the cake, I designed a 6″ lollipop-like circle featuring Lucas’s train drawing. Those cupcake stands are from Wilton and I ordered them at

I found the template for the cupcake wrappers online. I changed the colors to match our color scheme and I designed the cupcake toppers to match them. Cupcakes are vanilla flavor with strawberry homemade jelly filling and cream cheese icing. Cake and cupcakes were made by my talented friends Luci and Monica. They are local and wonderful to work with.

Here is a close up  of one of the 6″ lollipop-like circles used to decorate the cake. To the right, I used jelly beans in little shot cups and designed a 2″ circle topper with Lucas’s drawing.

I dipped those marshmallow pops in blue and green Candy Melts.

 Party Favors:

My friend Claudinha collected baby food jars used by her baby Victor on his first year of life. She decorate them, filled them with candy and gave them as party favors on Victor’s first birthday party. I just loved the idea.

Inspired by Claudinha, I collect Progresso soup cans all year long expecting to recycle them in some craft project.  When Alex’s birthday came along, I decided to use them as party favors containers and I filled them with Hershey’s Kisses chocolate. I used blue duct tape (found at Hobby Lobby) around the sharp edge so nobody would get cut. Maybe someone would even use it as a pencil container…

Alex in action! He blew the candles out about 100 times!!

 Proud Mom and Dad!

Happy birthday sweet baby!

We love you so much and we hope you enjoyed your party as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you!

fuuuuh! fuuuh!

Birthday boy Alex, Sister Victoria and big brother Lucas.

We had the party in a farm called Maple Grove Farm at Collierville, TN. We loved it and the kids had a lot of fun!



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Hi. I am Rose Pereira, founder and creator of My Little Artists Studio.
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    I like your fantastic web site. Just what I was searching for!
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      little Eva is already 1, I can’t beeilve it! I’m sure you remember seeing her at hera06 month photo shoot. This time she was even more fun then she was at 6 months. She had been to a birthday

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    Do you have a Facebook fan page for your site?
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      What a beautiful btdahriy party for a beautiful baby! I must ask where did you get her teal blue dress? I absolutely love it and would like to get one for my daughter.

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    Karen – The photos are just too estiuxiqe for words Paula!!! Thanks for your great work you made their day even more special now!!Marilyn

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