Cute Monsters Birthday Party

This year, we spent Summer break in Brazil. It was 45 awesome days enjoying our family over there! The kids got to spend time with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins! Good times that I am sure they will treasure forever! I really feel blessed to be able to do this, and hopefully, we will be able to repeat it every year!

Victoria’s birthday is in July so, my lucky girl celebrated her birthday twice this year! She had a little party in Brazil and she wanted a party back home too to celebrate with her friends – after all,  it is not every year that you turn big 5!  The plan would be celebrate in August, but we got lost with all the back to school stuff…

My sweet Lucas’s birthday is in September, so it made sense to celebrate both of the birthdays together! They were so excited to have a big party with all their friends combined!! woohooo!!

With the Halloween around the corner, we got inspired by it and decided to go with Cute Monsters theme. It is good for girls and boys and it looks as cute as it can be. In one night, after helping the kids with homework, I started drawing little monsters hoping the kids would join me. Victoria immediately got excited and, in few minutes, Lucas and Alex joined us too! In less them 30 minutes, we ended up with a bunch of little cute guys to choose from. With their drawings in hand, I created our very own Cute Monsters printable birthday party!

… and of course, each child had to have their own cake:

Cake Table:

It is not always that we use fresh flowers on children’s birthdays! I believe it looked gorgeous!

Cupcake Stand:

Fine Art Prints:

…with Victoria’s and Lucas’s Cute Monsters.

Goodie Bags and Favors:

The goodie bags had a bookmark on it!


Super fun mobile that I made. I will post a tutorial soon.

I made those pinatas too! Watch out for tutorials. We had 6 of them and the kids had a blast! Since the pinatas are so little, the kids got a bit frustrated because it did not hold a whole lot of candy on it. In an act of emergency, I had to go inside the house to get some extra candies! Every time a pinata would get broken,  I would through some extra candy for the kids. No more drama and no more tears! Soooo, if you plan on doing this cute pinata, extra candy is a must! :)


Here we are all happy and cute!

Cute Monsters Printable Party Collection

Lucas’s and Victoria’s Drawings:

Here are the kids’s drawings that I used to create the party illustrations:






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