Hello There!
WOW! So nice to have you here!

Hello! My name is Rose Pereira and I am a proud mom of 3 children. Professionally trained as an architect, I have always been amazed by children’s drawings and how they relate to their emotions. In September 2010, I started documenting my children’s drawings in a private blog. I wanted to be able to enjoy the development of their artistic abilities and I thought a blog would be something fun to do and easy to share with our family overseas and our friends around the globe. The grandparents said THANK YOU!

Children’s drawings tell stories and show us perceptions of a childhood. It reflects quite a bit how a child feels and sees life. The simplicity and innocence of the drawings are what fascinates me the most.
It is so much fun to see that in a week, a child express something using simple shapes as, for example, oval shape for the head and lines for body, arms and legs. On the very next week, drawings get changed to a more refined form: head now has eyes with eyelashes and mouth has more defined lips. The hair even shows a beautiful bow! As a child’s cognitive abilities change/grow, drawings became something even more exciting! This dynamic of changes inspires me in many ways.

Inspired by my children’s drawings and after a lot of thought put into it, My Little Artists Studio was born! My profession taught me that when one idea is good, it could get even better in a collaborative environment. With this in mind, how exciting would be to collaborate with children? This is how it works: I scan a child’s drawing then I digitally color it, giving it a modern and fun twist! The idea of keeping the same aesthetic language throughout my illustrations is very important to my artistic eye. I absolutely love the freedom to add something to a child’s drawing while keeping the integrity of her/his creation. The result is beautiful masterpiece to die for!