Sarah’s name tags

Name tags using Sarah’s drawings when she was 3 year-old. One of my favorites!!

Marina’s Name tags

Name Tags using Marina’s drawings. Too cute!!

Sophia Campbell Notecards

Everything is hand made at home, with care and folded by hands. We use a beautiful high quality 80 lbs laid recycled paper. ||| Tudo feito em casa, com capricho e dobrado a mao. A gente usa um lindo papel reciclado e pesado de alta qualidade.      

Sophia is turning 5!

Sophia’s is turning 5! Favor tag for her birthday! Happy Birthday Sophia! ||| Sophia esta fazendo 5 aninhos! Tag da lembrancinha que ela vai dar aos convidados na festinha. Feliz Aniversario Sophia!

Sophia Campbell Art Print

Art Print by little artist Sophia Campbell at age 5! Super cute! ||| Arte da artista mirim Sophia Campbell com 5 aninhos. Fofinho demais. Original drawing:

Spring Break Fun

Spring Break!! We’ve been drawing like crazy around here! Original Drawing

Alex is drawing!

My 3 year-old started drawing. This is the cute little guy that he has been drawing lately. Original drawing:

Princess of Hearts

Princess of  Hearts by baby girl Victoria. Original drawing:  

Mom and Dad By Victoria

This is how Victoria sees Mom and Dad. Little things like that makes my heart jump of happiness! :) Original Drawing:

E-commerce, here we go!

Excited to announce that this little and beloved website is closer to get an e-commerce fix. Yes! You will be able to buy our stuff from here. Cool hum? Basically, all products that we offer are already in the Shop as a “Coming Soon” placeholder. I am adding product pictures and descriptions as they get ready. I am {Read More…}

Andre & Felipe Invitation

Victoria is the Star of the Week!

Elise’s Name Tag

Take a look on these super cute little dolls that 5 y.o. Little Artist Elise made! It was hard to decided which one would be the perfect one to be used on the Name Tag, since all of them were so adorable. Drawings like that make me smile!  I just LOVE what I do!

Victoria’s boyfriends

Victoria’s boyfriend. Love the innocence of a child. My 5 y.o daughter keeps drawing boyfriends and making list with their names. Even her daddy and brothers are part of her list. Here is a little illustration I just made to capture this time of her life. What have your child been drawing latelly? Namorados da {Read More…}

Alex’s Valentines


Campbell’s Notecards

John Robert drawings: