Camille’s Notecards

Set of notecards I did with Camille’s drawing. The set has 8 cards – 2 “Thank You notes”, 2 “Thinking of You”, 2 Happy Birthday” and 2 blank inside. I just love her flowers!!

Tormin’s Christmas Card

Julie Peoples Christmas Card

Peoples’ Christmas card with the drawing of Julie at age 6! LOVE the snowflakes! Illustration: Julie’s Drawing:

Teachers’ Christmas Gift

Its was cold and rainy today and Victoria woke up feeling like drawing. She got the markers and I got the camera. Gotta love those moments in life! :) I will create an illustration with this drawing and will make a set of Thank you notes for her teachers as Christmas gift this year. Will {Read More…}

Vicky’s Notecards

Set of notecards and fine art print made with the drawing of 4 year-old Vicky. Love her little garden! :) Back of the notecard: Vicky’s Drawing:

Our First Show

Hello friends! Today was our very first show! It was exciting to talk about the design concept and really fun to see people’s reaction! They absolutely love the whole idea of having their child’s drawing turning into stunning work of art. It was fun to see their faces when we showed the child’s original drawing {Read More…}

Before and After Drawings

I’veput together a series of before-and-after drawings so people could have a better idea of how our technique works. The images on the left show the original Children’s drawings. The images to the right side show the digitally colored ones. Isn’t it fun to see the transformation? I absolutely love the freedom to add something to the drawings {Read More…}