Campbell’s Christmas Card

Christmas card illustration made with John Robert’s drawing: John Robert’s drawings. I got elements from those drawings to create the illustration. Christmas Cards and Gift Tags:            

Lucas’ Goodie Bags

My baby is turning 6! We celebrated this year at the bowling place with his friends. Here is the goodie bag we put together for his friends. Goodie Bag Illustration: Lucas and Victoria filling the bags up!

Beatriz Notecards and Gift Tags

Beatriz drawing:

Sophia and Yuri sleepover

Just love to see what they come up with when they ask me for paper and paint! :)

John Robert Goodie BagsTags

Those tags can be used latter as bookmarks.

Sophia’s Stationery

11 years-old Sophia made this lotus flower using pastel. I just love how feminine and delicate it turned out! Fine Art Print and Gift Tags: Back of Notecards: Progress Picture:

Little Doll

Pencil on paper by Lucas Pereira Digitally colored by My Little Artists Studio.