Victoria’s boyfriends

Victoria’s boyfriend. Love the innocence of a child. My 5 y.o daughter keeps drawing boyfriends and making list with their names. Even her daddy and brothers are part of her list. Here is a little illustration I just made to capture this time of her life. What have your child been drawing latelly? Namorados da {Read More…}

Before and After Pictures – Christmas Cards

Series of before and after pictures. Set of Christmas Cards and Gift Tags:  

Before and After Drawings

I’veput together a series of before-and-after drawings so people could have a better idea of how our technique works. The images on the left show the original Children’s drawings. The images to the right side show the digitally colored ones. Isn’t it fun to see the transformation? I absolutely love the freedom to add something to the drawings {Read More…}

Little Doll

Pencil on paper by Lucas Pereira Digitally colored by My Little Artists Studio.  

Dance of Flowers

Original Markers on Paper By Lucas: Collaboration Digitally colored by Mom:   Dance of Flowers From our Garden Series Notecards           Gift Tags         Fine Art Prints