Cute Monsters Plushies Collection

Family Turkey Project

It’s this time of the year and here is Lucas’s disguised turkey. This year, our turkey is a soccer player. We hope it will be make it safely past Thanksgiving! ehehehe Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Pumpkin Carving

Here is some pictures of our pumpkin this year. The kids tried on some sketches first, and dad Flavio took it over and did the actual deal… Flavio tried to create a mean pumpkin hahahaaha. Look at his soooo mean face! :)

Teachers’ Christmas Gift

Its was cold and rainy today and Victoria woke up feeling like drawing. She got the markers and I got the camera. Gotta love those moments in life! :) I will create an illustration with this drawing and will make a set of Thank you notes for her teachers as Christmas gift this year. Will {Read More…}

John Robert & Sophia

Little Artists John Robert and Sophia Campbell with their mom Tatiane. Fine Art Prints: Notecards: Original drawings:

Sophia and Yuri sleepover

Just love to see what they come up with when they ask me for paper and paint! :)


Markers on Paper by Victoria

Yes she did! :-o

Markers on Paper by Lucas “edited” by Victoria Mom’s note: It was too late to safe the original. Yes! She colored the black and white masterpiece! Good thing is he liked the art intervention.