Sophia Campbell Notecards

Everything is hand made at home, with care and folded by hands. We use a beautiful high quality 80 lbs laid recycled paper. ||| Tudo feito em casa, com capricho e dobrado a mao. A gente usa um lindo papel reciclado e pesado de alta qualidade.      

Campbell’s Notecards

John Robert drawings:

Elisa and Anna’s notecards

Sets of  Wiadacz’s family notecards with drawings of the so talented girls Elisa and Anna!              

Doodle Art

7 year-old Yuri Haratani has this awesome ability to draw doodles just like a pro!  His mom Lilia Haratani said he made this super cool drawing while he was chatting with his friend Bear. Bear was drawing cars, and Yuri decided to draw airplanes because airplanes are faster than cars. Oh boys!! Artistic talent runs in {Read More…}

Theaters’ Christmas Gift

Set of Thank You notes that my 6 year-old gave to his teachers this Christmas. I hope they enjoed it! Illustration made with Lucas’ drawings: Drawings by Lucas that I used to create the illustration:  

Victoria’s Set of Notecards

…and here is the set of notecards made with Victoria’s drawing. She will give them to her teachers as Christmas gift! We made a set of 8 notecards mixed-and-matched like this: 2 Thank You notes, 2 Thinking of You notecards, 2 Happy Birthday notecards and 2 blank notecards. I believed we covered almost all social {Read More…}

Camille’s Notecards

Set of notecards I did with Camille’s drawing. The set has 8 cards – 2 “Thank You notes”, 2 “Thinking of You”, 2 Happy Birthday” and 2 blank inside. I just love her flowers!!

Vicky’s Notecards

Set of notecards and fine art print made with the drawing of 4 year-old Vicky. Love her little garden! :) Back of the notecard: Vicky’s Drawing:

Our First Show

Hello friends! Today was our very first show! It was exciting to talk about the design concept and really fun to see people’s reaction! They absolutely love the whole idea of having their child’s drawing turning into stunning work of art. It was fun to see their faces when we showed the child’s original drawing {Read More…}

Victor’s Thank You notes.

Hand prints of 1 year-old baby Victor turned into super cute of Thank You notes. Back of the card showing Victor’s name and age by the time of the hand print. Sets of brothers Kevin’s and Victor’s notecards.      

Kevin’s Notecards

Kevin is my son’s BFF and I am in love with his drawing! Here, you see him holding hands with his baby brother, Victor! His mom Claudia, asked me to create several sets of notecards as a Christmas gift for his teachers and grandparents. I hope they will enjoy it as much I did! Back {Read More…}

Campbell’s Thanksgiving Notecards

Thanksgiving card illustration made with John Robert’s drawing: John Robert’s drawings. I got elements from those drawings to create the illustration. Thanksgiving Notecards and Thank You Notes:  

Beatriz Notecards and Gift Tags

Beatriz drawing:

Sophia’s Stationery

11 years-old Sophia made this lotus flower using pastel. I just love how feminine and delicate it turned out! Fine Art Print and Gift Tags: Back of Notecards: Progress Picture:

Julie Peoples

Set of notecards, gift tags and fine art print with 5 y.o. Julie Peoples.