{ Studio }

Yes! I work from home…

He is where everything happens. When I say everything I mean it! Here is where I run my business and it is also where my family and I spend most our time when we are at home. Of course it is not always neat and clean like that but we try to keep it somehow organized.

Rug is from Pottery Barn. Sofa and chair are by uncle Nelson. He donated them to us! Sometimes we get lucky!

This bookcase is where I keep most of the envelopes and special papers that I use. I also store packaging materials, shipping boxes and crafting supplies. My 18 months old loves to play with the blue file boxes. Most of the time I wish it had doors with keys…

The EXPEDIT bookcase is from IKEA. We got it on our last trip to Atlanta. I keep asking myself why we don’t have Ikea in Memphis?

I do ALL my work from this desk. We got the office chair at  Target. The printer is an Hp Officejet. I purchased the VIKA ARTUR legs online from IKEA, and to make the desk top, I bought a interior door at Lowe’s and painted it white.

The multiuse desk also act like our “photography lab”. Here is where I take most of our product pictures – note the 2 lamps in action.

The shelves are from Pottery Barn. The artwork shows our very own series of drawings by my oldest son Lucas Pereira –  frames from Michaels. The pencil containers are recycled cans of Progresso soup. Paper file boxes to keep the clutter alway! Organized spaces keep me motivated.

I hope you enjoy my Studio Tour as much as I did sharing it with you.

Super cool hum? At least, I think so. :)